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In Memory of Ron Auch, Sr.

Ron Auch...

We recently hosted Pray-Tell Ministries' Founder, Ron Auch and urge you to take advantage of the books he has written.
His latest book (Pray that you might ESCAPE) rivals that of Leonard Ravenhill's, Watchman Nee's, H. A. Baker's and Francis Schaeffer's writings.
Why was the Apostle Paul so passionate that believers, "contend for the faith"? You will find out in this book.

Ron Auch is the President and founder of Pray-Tell Ministries. He started this ministry in 1980, one year after God got a hold of his heart regarding his own prayer life. He began to give himself to hours of prayer everyday. Eventually, his burden to see the church on it's knees compelled him to travel and teach prayer conferences.

He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, taking this burden of prayer to local churches and various conferences.  Ron has also taught internationally at ministry schools, training a new generation of pastor's to have a heart for prayer.

Ron's heart carries over into the literary arena in publishing a number of books and magazine articles on subjects ranging from prayer to strengthening marriages.  He is also a member of the National Prayer Committee.

Swept Away by His Presence

Refreshing the Church with the Power of Prayer.